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What will my house look like after sound insulation? One of the aspects that raises doubts in those who would like to acoustically insulate their home is the fear that, once the work is finished, the domestic environments will be less aesthetically pleasing.

House after sound insulation

When it comes to soundproofing, in fact, the first image that appears in everyone’s mind is that of the recording chambers or the rehearsal rooms of the musicians, rooms that are certainly functional but which, aesthetic , actually leave something to be desired.

What not everyone knows, however, is that the materials used to acoustically insulate houses do not give, as a final result, what one imagines: everything remains exactly as it is, if not better, because new. The soundproofing consultants have all the information about the same here.

Home sound insulation: what it is and how does the aesthetics of the rooms change

Acoustic insulation is a masonry that serves to make the walls, ceilings and doors of the house impermeable to noise and annoying acoustic reverberations. Based on specific needs and requirements, industry experts identify the best solution, both in terms of intervention technique and choice of materials. Generally, to soundproof an apartment, plasterboard false walls and false ceilings are recommended.

The gap that is created, i.e. the space between the old wall and the new plasterboard sheet, is padded with high-performance sound-absorbing materials, so as to make it impossible for sound waves and vibrations to pass.

At the end of the work, when the new wall or the new plasterboard ceiling is painted and painted in a color or with a painting technique that meets the customer’s taste, the fact that it is soundproof will not even be noticed.

Aesthetically, how will soundproofing a room look?

A soundproofed room will look exactly the same as before, indeed, more beautiful. This is because the walls will be brand new, freshly painted, and any discrepancies, indentations, stains or imperfections of the old plaster will no longer be there, because they are covered by the counterwall.

Drywall is the material of choice for this type of light construction work also for this reason: its versatility allows it to be painted and decorated as desired.

The plasterboard can be whitewashed in a classic way, white or colored, but also treated with any pictorial and creative art: sponged, spatulated, Venetian plaster-like, enhanced by stencils or murals.

The new room, therefore, in addition to being quiet , restful and finally isolated from the annoying noise pollution , will also be renovated and refreshed.

And what about the measures?

Another problem faced by those who think of soundproofing their home is that of the encumbrance of insulating relatives. In fact, one is afraid that the rooms will lose brightness and spaciousness, that following the intervention the rooms will be smaller and cramped than before.

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