Choose Your Right Selections of the Custom Made Wardrobes

The wardrobe is an essential element in any bedroom. However, in order to choose it correctly, several criteria must be considered, such as size, style, type of opening and interior design, which must be practical and suitable for the things to be stored. Here are our tips.

Before buying a wardrobe for a bedroom, you need to consider several aspects. Among these, the most important is the space that will be reserved for the custom made wardrobes, which depends on the surface of the room and the size of the furniture already present.

Answering a few questions will help you clarify your ideas:

If you plan to use the closet on a daily basis, you should think about the most practical model based on your habits and what it intends to store in it. Also, a closet in the master bedroom should be able to hold much more clothes and linens than a guest bedroom closet, for example.

For a child’s bedroom, the size of the closet must be suitable for the size of the little one. The disadvantage is that these dimensions will be insufficient when the child becomes a teenager. It will therefore be an opportunity to renew the furniture with the participation of your child and, why not, all the decorations in his room. You will be able to choose an adult wardrobe with him , with the advantage of greater capacity and durability compared to a wardrobe for teenagers. It can be used to store clothes and other things including games.

The dimensions of the wardrobe are decided according to the space available in the bedroom, but also according to the size of the room itself. You will need to carefully measure the height of the ceiling before purchasing a particular cabinet model, you will need to leave a space of about 5 cm to be able to dust the top of the wardrobe with a duvet.

As for the depth of the cabinet, you will have to imagine the dimensions of the passage and measure the opening of all parts of the cabinet (drawers, doors) before purchasing. So what do you really need? How do you like to keep your things organized? How much space do you need to store the household linen? There are many questions that will guide you in your choice.

If the wardrobe is to contain the clothes of several people, you will need to plan the capacity accordingly. In any case, the wardrobe must be large enough to store all the clothes and practical for everyday use.

A cabinet is normally used for:

  • Storing clothes (dresses, coats, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, underwear, etc.)
  • Storing toys and games
  • Keep documents
  • Put away sheets , tablecloths, towels

A wardrobe is practical when:

  • You can easily move around the closet in the room
  • All equipment is accessible
  • All things to put away have their place
  • It can contain the entire wardrobe or the clothing of a season
  • The doors and windows of the room are free.

When planning to buy a wardrobe, it is easy to get lost among ready-made models and cabinets to compose yourself. 

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