Ipe Wood: The go-to wood for wood decking, sidings and fences

What is Ipe Wood?

Ipe wood comes from Ipe, a redwood native of South and Central America. Ipe is found in the rainforests and is also known as Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho. Ipe grows up to 300 feet in height and has dense wood fibres. Moulds and fungi, which cause rotting in wood, do not affect the Ipe because of its structure. Ipe retains very little heat and rapidly disperses the heat from the sun.

Why choose Ipe Wood?

Ipe Wood is the best-suited material for outdoor use. Ipe wood can last for a minimum of 25 years, and if taken proper care of, it can last for more than 50 years. Ipe Wood is three times denser than soft wood and can withstand extreme climate, weights, foot trampling, food and beverage spills with very little damage. Given that Ipe Wood is hard, strong and durable, it is ideal for making decks and fences that will undergo lots of wear and tear.

Ipe wood has a fire-resistance ability more significant than that of soft wood and has the same fire-risk level as concrete and steel, providing a reasonable time window for the house owner to get out of a fire hazard. Ipe wood’s high density and natural oils desist insects and is a good option for houses in insect-prone areas.

Ipe Wood is recommended for home projects due to its easy availability, and almost any carpenter knows how to work with it. Ipe Wood is of a biodegradable nature, suiting the needs of an environment-conscious house owner.

Wood sidings made from Ipe Wood provide aesthetic value for viewers, reminding them of comfort and coziness. These wood sidings attract potential buyers, adding value to the house. Ipe wood ages elegantly, bringing a lot of finish with it. Ipe wood is pocket-friendly, not just for its low prices but also for the added benefits it brings with it after purchase. Ipe Wood costs a minimum of $22 per square feet, making it an ideal choice only for those who have a big budget. Given that Ipe wood requires little repair and maintenance and keeps insects away, costs are cut down on those fronts.  

With resistance against natural decay, bugs, rotting and fire, Ipe Wood ensures that it does its job for a lifetime once it is purchased.

What is missing from Ipe Wood?

Customers looking for various shades for their deckings or sidings may be disappointed as Ipe wood has only limited choices in terms of color; they typically come in shades of brown, like light, dark and olive. Though Ipe Wood can withstand food and beverage spills, it requires regular restaining to prevent the fading of its natural color. If the wood is not regularly restained, the color turns into silver-grey. Ipe wood can be damaged by exposure to certain types of marine species. Ipe wood is not a buy-once-and-forget type of product and requires regular user maintenance for long-term results. The user must keep the wood moisturized as the bugs stay away from the wood due to its natural oil.

Buying Ipe Wood from Buy Ipe Direct

Buy Ipe Direct charges reasonable rates for Ipe wood of premium quality. With two different versions- Easy Wood and Pregroove. You can Buy Ipe Direct either per linear foot or per board length. Ipe Wood priced at linear foot is sold at a minimum price of around $2.5 with the price increasing according to the increase in measurement, while the wood priced at board length varies.

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