How do you start designing a full bathroom?

Before choosing complete Wollongong Bathrooms, you must first define your needs:

– Define the place where the full bathroom will be installed

– Carefully study the size of the bathroom and the available space

– Define the number of basins according to the number of family members

– Choose to install a shower or a bathtub

– Set up a rustic or modern full bathroom

– Identify the desired functionalities

– Determine the materials to use

– Adapt the design of the equipment to your taste

Why consider renovating a full bathroom?

– Indulge yourself by setting up a relaxation and well-being area

– Make the use of the bathroom economical by choosing suitable equipment

– Redesign your bathroom by making it more practical and designer.

How to hide the plumbing in the bathroom?

The sight of the pipes in a home can be an unsightly element and thus become a barrier to the sale of a property, for example. There are several solutions to hide them, we have chosen 3, discover them:

1. Set up a custom-made pipe cover formwork

2. Use a pipe cover

3. Divert them by integrating them into the decoration of the home (painting, flowers & plants …)

What piece of furniture for a complete bathroom?

The furniture in Wollongong Bathrooms is determined according to your budget but above all to the space available. Several solutions are available to you, it remains to determine the desired utility and design.

– Bathroom furniture with drawers

– Low furniture

– Bathroom furniture with door

– Mobile furniture, easy to move

– Bathroom columns or shelves can be a good space saver

– Bathroom mirror with storage.

How to arrange a small bathroom?

To make small Wollongong Bathrooms, you have to be ingenious and establish a logistics plan. It is important to keep the bathroom functional and secure.

– Choose a coating and colors that will play on the size in the bathroom, some colors will enlarge the bathroom.

– Choose square-shaped basins to minimize the use of circulation space.

– Opt for furniture hung on the walls

– Dress the bathroom with large mirrors to make the room even bigger

– A shower will be less bulky than a bathtub

– Sliding doors are a better choice for a small bathroom

What material for a bathroom tile?

Tile is the most suitable covering for a room that is constantly exposed to humidity, such as the Wollongong Bathrooms. Here are the different tiling materials to consider for your bathroom:

– Porcelain stoneware

– Earthenware

– Glazed stoneware

– Natural stone

– Tiles imitation natural materials

– Mosaic

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