How Installing Asphalt Paving Will Improve Your Home

Aside from it’s practical purpose, there are also several other added benefits to installing asphalt paving in your driveway. Bearing in mind cost-effectiveness, quick installation time and ease of accessibility to the materials needed, you should strongly consider going for asphalt if you need a driveway repair service or fresh new installation. Here are a few of the lesser-known facts about asphalt that will surely have you agreeing that it’s a wise investment choice.

Increases Property Resale Value

Due to its durability, prospective homeowners are in search of new house value homes that have asphalt driveways. If it’s in good condition, an owner can expect to get great value for their investment as it won’t need frequent upkeep or repair. It also looks great and can easily complement the exterior design aesthetic of most properties.

Easier Maintenance And Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your home’s exterior clean and tidy, your asphalt driveway will almost certainly be the easiest part to take care of. The area can simply be sprayed off as needed and doesn’t require frequent upkeep, as is the case with lawns and other natural coverage.

Why Asphalt Paving In Particular?

You’re probably aware that there’s a variety of paving and surface cover options available to you. These range from cobblestone to concrete, or even gravel or natural materials such as wood bark chips. While the natural options have their own appeal, they do require a lot more work to maintain and typically need to be levelled out often. This is because they’re loose materials that easily shift and yield under the pressure of motor vehicles and foot traffic, resulting in track marks, indented areas and the piling up of materials along the sides of the driveway, as they’re being pushed apart. As for concrete: while it was the normal option for driveways in earlier years, preference has shifted towards asphalt because it’s a more durable solution. The structural compound of asphalt makes it more flexible, which is ideal for the constantly changing temperatures of seasonal change. Concrete is a much more rigid substance and won’t expand and contract due to heat and cold without soon forming cracks and weak spots in the surface area. With asphalt paving and proper care and maintenance, you can comfortably extend its lifespan to around 30 years before needing to worry about repairs or replacement. Concrete is also significantly more expensive than asphalt, with average surplus cost ranging between 40 and 60% more than what you’d pay if you went for asphalt instead.

It’s Quiet, Smooth And Safe

It’s been shown that asphalt roads absorb the sound of traffic quite significantly, when compared to other road materials. While this is great news for people who live close to a busy road or freeway, it’s also good news for homeowners who want to minimize outside noise interference. The surface area of an asphalt driveway is also smooth, allowing for better tyre grip and driver control. Asphalt is also a very safe choice because it’s barely affected by chemicals and ice. Snow melts faster on asphalt and thanks to its colour, asphalt reduces glare from sunlight reflection.

It May Be Black In Colour, But It’s Surprisingly Green

You’d probably never think so, but asphalt is one the most recyclable materials in the world. It can be reused after being heated up, which means there’s virtually no real wastage that needs to be dealt with. Producing asphalt also consumes 20% less energy than any other pavement material, reducing carbon emissions. As an added plus, asphalt is made from waste materials such as old tyres and shingles, which means opting for asphalt will help reduce landfill waste quite significantly.

If all of these benefits sound like more than enough reason to opt for an asphalt surface cover for your home renovation, driveway repair service, or new installation, you should entrust your installation to professionals who will get it right perfectly, with expert experience. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your specific needs.

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