How to clean upholstery

It naturally happens that upholstery collects various pollutants, particularly dust mites. Every entity, including chairs and sofas, grip tons of dust, which becomes hardly cleaned. The dust goes deep inside the pudding as well as remains on the surface of furniture and comes out to the environment whenever furniture is used. The pollutants not only contain dust but also include mold, bacteria, pollen and viruses. These germs cause harm to human beings whenever they contaminate air. 

It is of great importance to know that regular wiping down and vacuuming is worthy of a good looking and welcoming feeling. Remaining dirt and spills over a long period of time make them worn out and tired looking. Office furniture remains more subject to wear and tear as compared to home furniture. The reason is that a person spends a big part of his daily life in office. Most business personals go for professional deep steam cleaning one or twice in a year. They are at aim to create a better business atmosphere for their employees. Without deep steam cleaning, stains and marks become permanent and affect the look and life span of upholstery. This type of professional cleaning is carried out with special tools. Generally, there are some techniques used to clean upholstery which are given below.


Hand vacuum or brush attachment is useful in cleaning debris and dirt from the surface of the sofa. During the cleaning, crevices must not be left unchecked, where mostly pet hair, food crumbs and dirt are found. In case of separate cushions, should be vacuumed on both sides. Lint roller may be used in case of more pet hair.

Clean the wood or metal areas:

Wiping out of non – fabric parts and sofa feet with warm water and liquid dish soap has a good impact on the look and durability of upholstery.

Determine of fabric type:

Prior to cleaning of upholstery, one should read out the given instructions on tag for how to clean upholstery. Below are some of the codes found on labels:

S: This symbol is used only for dry cleaner detergent.

WS: It denotes mild detergent with steam vacuum.

X: It represents vacuum only.

W: Use only water.

Remove stains:

Cleaning the sofa means knowing how to remove the stains. For this purpose both commercial cleaner and homemade cleaner made from natural ingredients. Homemade cleaners are a good and cheaper option. Below is main procedure how to clean the Upholstery in Dubai:

For fabric upholstery:  A mixture of vinegar, warm water and dish soap is effective in cleaning of this type of upholstery. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and misting all soiled areas with a soft cloth removes the entire stains thoroughly. After that, dry the soap with a towel.

For leather upholstery: Here, olive oil is mixed with vinegar and put into a spray bottle. All the surface of the coach is moisturized with mixture with the help of spray and then scrubbed with a soft cloth.

For synthetic upholstery: This type is cleaned up with the mixture of vinegar, warm water and a liquid dish soap. Mixture is poured down in a spray bottle and the muddy area is misted. At the end, the area is scrubbed with a soft cloth until the stain is wiped out.

Drying of couch:

A towel is used to soak up any excess remaining water on the sofa surface. If some humidity is found, let it dry. A fan may also be used for speedy drying. Water damages fabric and cushions to mold.

 What should to avoid in cleaning upholstery:

Avoid rinse water in excessive amounts without enough extraction to produce mold and mildew in    upholstery. Be careful in machine usage during the cleaning because some machines damage delicate fabrics. Use of upholstery brushes with improper technique may lead to flatten the nap of furniture. Retaining automated cleaning machines with brushes on top of the furniture without any eye watch for several minutes can cause wear and tear in upholstery. In such scenarios, manual cleaning of machines is highly recommended.

It is clearly evident from the above discussion that upholstery cleaning is mandatory for elegance, look and durability. It should also be kept in mind that a proper method of cleaning is also important to abide.

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