When to Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

If your HVAC system is acting up, you know that one of two things are in your future: replacing your HVAC system or repairing it.

Most homeowners hope for the latter, assuming that repair is cheaper than replacement. But this isn’t always the case, especially when looking at the long-term costs. Here is what to keep in mind when looking at repair or replacement of your HVAC system.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your HAVC System?

To answer this question, you need to look at a few variables. Let’s start with age.

Like any machine, your HVAC system is going to become worn down with use and time. If your system is more than 10 years old, it is likely running into more and more problems, necessitating frequent repairs. There is also a strong chance that it is using more energy to run than it used to—and a lot more than more modern systems.

The next thing to consider is the cost of the current repairs needed. Our HVAC company in Atlanta can tell you that there are some repairs that are so expensive, the only logical choice is to shell out a bit more money and get a new system.

Finally, you want to think about the value a new HVAC system could add to your home. If you are looking to sell soon or need your home appraised for any reason, when to replace your heating and air conditioner is right now.

Partial vs. Full Replacement

One option that can reduce the cost of replacing an HVAC system is opting for partial replacement rather than an entirely new system. Your heating equipment tends to last twice as long as your air conditioning components, meaning that if air conditioning repair in Atlanta won’t work, you can replace it but keep your existing furnace.

This can get complicated. Both components need to be compatible with each other since they share certain equipment. Then you have to consider if the furnace has a different level of energy efficiency and might still drive up your electric bills.

Of course, you don’t need to make this decision on your own. Moncrief Air is here for you. Our Atlanta heating and cooling team is able to diagnose any issue and help you decide if replacement is best. Ask us about our total comfort service plan.

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