How To Get A Non-Slip Floor For Swimming Pools?

If the pool mats of your pool is too slippery, you may want to apply a non-slip product to avoid accidents and falls. This is common for porcelain and ceramic floors. In this case, you can apply a product that gently erodes the surface layer of the floor and makes it rough. Of course, keep in mind that the floor will lose its shine, so we recommend you first test in an inconspicuous area to ensure you get the desired effect.

How To Clean The Floor Around The Pool If It Is Terracotta Or Limestone

We leave the terracotta floors for last. As you know, if you have a terracotta floor, you cannot apply just any product, as these are very delicate and demanding floors. Let’s see how to clean these floors properly.

If you find spots of mold (black or green), or white spots, you use a cleaning product. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse well with water, you will see that all the stains disappear entirely.

If you find traces of waxes, varnishes, or oils (products that were once applied to protect the floor and have deteriorated over time), you should use a product to strip the floor and remove all the accumulated dirt.

Once the exterior terracotta floor is completely clean, it is time to treat and protect it.

You will need a product to prevent water leaks, ensure that the floor remains non-slip, and prevent moisture, salt, and mold stains from forming.

The most recommended product for outdoor terracotta floors is Mitrol. Mitrol does not add shine or any coloration to the floor, so its application will hardly be noticeable on an aesthetic level. However, the floor will be fully protected against inclement weather, humidity and stains. Besides, it is ideal for areas near the pool because it maintains the floor’s non-slip characteristic.

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