Important things you need to know about impact windows

Nowadays, so many people in Florida are replacing their ordinary windows with impact windows. If you have been thinking of purchasing impact windows for your home or property. Below is an FAQ that answers any questions you might have about impact windows.

What are impact windows?

Impact windows, also known as impact-resistant windows are windows designed to resist any kind of heavy impact that could cause the glass to break. They are made of impact-resistant laminated glass and heavy-duty frames that keep the glass from breaking in case of an attempted break-in or wind-borne debris.

In what window styles are impact windows available?

Impact windows come in a range of design styles, including horizontal roller windows, single hung windows, architectural and picture windows, sliding windows, projected or casement windows, among others.

What are the important features of impact windows?

When you are choosing impact windows, look for high performing features, for example, heat-reducing glass tints, laminated insulating glass.

How can I determine a credible impact windows manufacturer or brand?

There are many impact window manufacturers and brands to choose from. When choosing your impact windows, majorly consider quality and performance. Quality products would have been tested extensively. And no reported failures. In Florida, look for manufacturers with a documented Notice of Acceptance by Miami Dade county (NOA) for impact windows.

The details you should focus on are whether the windows are custom made to order, have the options which perform your needs, and are sized to fit your project perfectly.

What is an energy star qualified impact window?

Energy star labeled windows meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the department of energy. They have been tested and certified by NFRC (the National Fenestration Rating Council). NFRC is not a government body, rather an independent, third-party certification agency.

Could impact windows replace hurricane shutters?

The short answer, yes. Once your property or home is protected by impact windows, no additional hurricane screens or shutters are needed. Despite the fact that the glass can crack on the direct impact of hurricane debris, the interlayer keeps the overall window intact, preventing the destructive winds from entering your home.

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Impact windows offer homes many added advantages when compared to normal windows. For the people of Florida, which is prone to hurricanes, being hurricane-resistant is a very impressive property. One that has many home and property owners replacing their ordinary windows with impact windows. And when you buy the perfect impact windows, they are worth every penny.

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