What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

There are a handful of pros that make energy efficient windows worth the price and installation in your home. They are designed to help keep your home at your desired temperature by locking in the cool air and keeping out the heat during the summer time and vice versa in the winter, this helps you keep your bills for air conditioner heating and cooling down and who can argue with cheaper bills? You are saving money and keeping your house and family happy and comfortable, making it very energy efficient. Less air or heating use means less energy being used.

Another pro is that the windows are designed for insulation, as mentioned above, but that doesn’t mean it is just for keeping your house warm or cool. Green windows can also lock out sounds so the noisy neighbors and their dogs, construction that may be going on, or just loud cars driving down the street will not bother you much longer. 

These windows don’t completely block out all noise but it takes a strong amount out of your daily life and at the end of the day it makes your house quieter and more peaceful.

Compared to the average price for a normal window it depends on which type of energy efficient window you want, they all vary. Some have two glass panes while other ones have three glass panes. 

The prices between those two are a good one or two hundred difference but it really just depends on which one you want, they both offer a lot of pros but the triple glass pane windows are going to have a stronger impact on the temperature and noise blocking qualities than the double glass pane windows. 

The double is cheaper than the triple but when deciding which to choose it is best to look at your location and climate first before making your choice so that way you know you picked the best one for the price you are paying. 

For example, if you have a single pane window already installed in your home then a double pane will already make a drastic difference in your life and you probably won’t even need the triple. 

but if you have a double pane then, aside from slightly quieter situations and also a slight temperature change, you won’t notice much difference and maybe should go for the triple pane instead.

There are also different types of coatings you can get to put over your windows to block out light in bedrooms or if you want to darken it just a little bit in your living area, and coatings that help you keep the heat or cold out of your house even more than just the window panes on their own.

These windows can be extremely useful to a lot of people but something you always need to keep in mind that all of this depends on what kind of house you have and where you live. How hot does it get in the summer? How cold in the winter? If keeping a consistent temperature in your house is hard, definitely look into it. 

How sunny is your house during the day and how much do you dislike that much light coming in in the afternoons? If you like it darker than usual then try looking at some different window coatings and see what you can find, there might be a salutation out there that makes you happy. 

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