Know Everything About Banham E14000 High Security Lock

In your pursuit to find a suitable lock, you might have come across “high-security lock” and shrugged it off, thinking of it as some tool used by manufacturing units or big organizations to protect their confidential data or machinery. But these technically advanced locks can also be used in homes to ensure maximum protection from any mishappenings like robbery from taking place. 

We would recommend you hire a professional locksmith to install a high-security lock of time tested and premium brand like Banham E14000. A leading name in the lock and security industry, Banham, the inventor of automatic door bolt, provides bespoke security without compromising on the quality of the product. 

All you need to know about Banham E14000 High-Security Lock: 

What are Banham’s high-security locks?

Tired of the regular burglaries and the aggression to find a security solution, Willaim Banham invented the first automatic door bolt back in 1926. Since then, they have been using modern technology to provide security and safety of the utmost level. A century of experience, combined with the latest technology, led to the development of robust and reliable precision-engineered locks. 

What makes Banham locks a leading name in the security industry?

British made and handcrafted by precision engineers Banham Locks E14000 provides maximum security, and its unique key registration system makes breaking in next to impossible. Insured by the British Standard and fulfilling the requirements of Police Preferred Specifications, Brahma high-security locks make for a reliable and robust locking system. 

How Banham locks guarantee security?

Each lock is handcrafted for precision and designed to fit into unique requirements, be it for residential or commercial properties. They are accredited by the Association of British Insurers for creating locks that comply with the BS3621 standard for a lock of internal and external doors. In-house trained and security vetted carpenters and locksmiths work on designing and developing a lock that can only be opened by one Banham key. 

Why should one invest in Banham EL4000? 

A high-security lock built on electric release mechanism Banham EL4000 with inward opening rim Nightwatch comes with a patent protected keys and a fully audited system that ensures high-level security. The patent protection guarantees that the keys of these locks cannot be physically copied. Secured with a key registration system, Banham re-assures safety, and security by keeping records of crucial cutting in its database. Copyright, this lock is also drill and saw resistance, making it one of the most reliable and strong locks in the world. Even the colors and outer material of the locks have been meticulously selected to provide a polish that can withstand different weather conditions. Take, for instance, and we would recommend EL4000 electric release bronze for adverse weather conditions such as building nearby beaches. 

Where can Banham EL4000 be suitable for installation? 

With an electronic release mechanism, these locks remotely release the lock bolt from an externally mounted keeper and make for an excellent choice for people owning properties or living in a flat with shared access. 

London Locksmith 24h provides round the clock locksmith services using best in class locks like Banham EL4000 and other such leading high-security lock system providers that guarantee safety and security 24/7. Their trained, certified, and experienced professionals provide immediate lock installation, repair, and replacement services without compromising on the quality of the service being dispensed. They offer BS3621 lock supply and fitting with a 365 days warranty.

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