Know The Meanings And Uses Of The Colors When You Visit A Spiritual Candle Store

Each type of color used to make a spiritual candle has a different meaning and use. If you know these before you visit a spiritual candle store it will help you to choose the one that you need. Whit is most common color. It is pure and sacred and is known to rev up the energy. It is divine and provides peace, protection, goodwill, and unity. It also helps in balancing, cleansing and healing. Yellow color represents wisdom, insight, intellect, clear thinking, memory, focus, clarity of thought. Apart from imagination and creativity, it represents illumination of God.

The other colors

In a spiritual candle store, you will also get blue color candles. It is the color of water and has a high frequency. It represents calm, concentration, mental focus and perception. While light blue brings peace and tranquility, royal blue ensures joy, loyalty, and laughter. The green color represents health, healing, growth, renewal, movement, freshness and balances your mind, body and emotions. it also represents fertility, prosperity and abundance. Orange color stimulates action, creativity, emotional intimacy, sexuality and fertility. Red color is strong and vibrant representing passion, fire, sexuality, vitality, sexual potency, strength, energy, courage and good health and the soft and pleasant pink color shows love, affection and friendship.

The list goes on

You will also get purple candles that are vibrant and mystical. It is associated with wealth, spiritual attainment, royalty, attunement, and mastery. It is also protective and purifying. Lavender is soothing while violet will open spiritual connection with God. Silver candles are good for intuition, inspiration, clairvoyance and astral energy and will help you to make decisions. Gold will symbolize wealth and prosperity while brown, being the color of the earth, will ground you and connect you with nature. Lastly, black candles will banish evils and negativity when used during rituals.

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