Small Clothes Compact Tumble Dryer

A compact tumble dryer is a household appliance considered one of the most consuming, in conjunction with the washing machine, but, due to its usefulness, and while helping us to save, it will surely pay off.

Of all the life, at the moment in which the cycle of the washing machine ends, the laundry has been taken and it has been laid outdoors; once it was dry, it was collected and organized as desired.

It is possible that, in summer, with the heat of the environment we did not have problems to dry our clothes. The problem comes when we are talking about winter in that, if it is very cold, if it rains, and although we live in a house where the sun does not usually give much, we can have the problem of removing clothes with a very high degree of humidity. In other words, we would have to put it back in the washing machine.

A dryer will also prevent us from wasting time hanging clothes and then picking them up.

If you do not have much space to put the dryer, and you do not want to replace your washing machine with a model of washer-dryer, we are going to offer you something that is sure to interest you: Why not get small clothes dryer?

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Considerations to keep in mind when buying mini clothes dryer


The capacity of clothes dryer is less than that of a washing machine; and that of a Small Clothes Compact Tumble Dryer is usually smaller than that of a traditional dryer. They normally move in a range of 4-8kg.

You must weigh that the more you fill it, the easier it is for the laundry to come out wrinkled like a churro.


Regarding the operation mode of the dryer, we find two large groups.

On the one hand we have small clothes compact tumble dryers that work with an evacuation system: In them, the clothes will be dried with hot air that will acclimatize the internal environment. For these dryers to work, they have to be connected to a pipe that opens to the outside, which should be ventilated.

On the other hand, we have condensation dryers. These dryers are responsible for evaporating the moisture in the clothes, and then start condensation. The main difference of a small condensation clothes dryer, compared to the evacuation one, is that in this first one, the humidity will be collected in a tank that will fill up. The user will have to review it once each one is finished and empty it.


Before choosing a dryer model, whether it is large or small, we will have to check that we have all the necessary connections for its operation. Those that run on electricity will only need a light socket to work; those that run on gas, logically need a gas outlet. There are also some models that need a water outlet, to be able to eliminate the accumulated humidity, without using buckets.

Energy efficiency

The higher the energy efficiency of the small clothes dryer, the less it will consume, so the impact on the electric bill will not be as high. This certification is indicated in two ways:

On the one hand, with a scale in which up to 7 letters can appear, ranging from A to G. Always choose a dryer that has the letter A (green color), since they are the most efficient. The more bonuses you have, the less you will consume.


If you are looking for small and cheap clothes dryers, in this section you can find the best options for you. Depending on your needs, you can find a dryer that consumes little, costs little, and also leaves clothes in the best conditions.

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