Things To Know About The Condo Garage

The condo parking (ที่จอดรถ คอนโด which is the term in Thai), despite being synonymous with convenience, is often a sign of headaches in a condominium. After all, many people end up breaking some rules for the use of the place. Some for lack of knowledge concerning the condominium’s bylaws and others for lack of common sense.

Modification In Vacancies

You must not modify or decorate your garage so that it departs from the building standard. However, if you feel that you need to make any changes, such as implementing coverage for your vehicle, the plan should be discussed at the condo meeting.

Parking Space X Deposit

It is common for some residents to store objects such as old furniture, electronic devices, and construction materials in the garage. I’m afraid that’s not right, as besides being outside the convention, it has several negative consequences. In addition to disturbing circulation, it devalues ​​the joint space.

Rental Of Vacancies

You don’t have a car and want to rent your parking space? Whether for a condominium neighbor or for someone who does not live in it, the lease depends on pre-established conventions.

An Article of the Civil Code law says that if there is a parking space available for rental, it must be prioritized to the joint owner. After the owner-tenant and if there are no such interests, then you can rent to outsiders.

Renting a space to a non-resident poses a problem. If the gate is electronic, that person will need a remote control. Thus, it will circulate in the standard facilities, even if it is in the garage. This can compromise security.

Car Wash

Washing vehicles in building garages are generally prohibited. In addition to disturbing the circulation of people and causing flooding of floors, it can excessively use the water in the condominium.

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