Three Advantages Of Automatic Steel Doors

The automatic door (ประตู อัต โน which is the term in Thai) is convenient and functional. Nowadays, it is common to find this type of door in commercial establishments, garages, industries, galleries, and other public spaces.

There are some models that, 

they vary depending on the leaves used to close each door, the dimensions, the axis for the automatic roll-up door, the type of operator, and the accessories used for the opening and closing operation. See some advantages of this type of port.

The First And Main

Its security, steel doors are practically inviolable compared to traditional doors. The fact that they are made of steel makes them more resistant to break-ins and other actions that are our biggest concern. Also, they do not have a lock. Only the resident has access to the area where it is located. They can be opened in three different ways: buttonhole, hoist, and the more conventional control.

Second Is Design

Automatic doors have a very unique and adaptable design. Electrostatic painting can match the façade you choose for your condominium or establishment. The painting, by the way, is cheaper and more durable than conventional ones. It guarantees 50% fewer ink savings, 90% less application time, 200% less curing time. Practical, economical, and above all beautiful, an excellent combination.

And The Last One, They Are Silent And Take Up Little Space

In other words, there is no noise disorder when opening and closing, making your exit or arrival safer. In addition to not taking up unnecessary space. Allowing the installation of accessories such as fall arresters, trapdoors, UPS, etc.

Carrying Out Tests On Automatic Doors 

For the daily maintenance of automatic doors to increase the product’s durability, it is essential to carry out some tests. To check if the motion sensor is working correctly, go through the door at a slower speed; if it takes a long time to open/close or make noise, it is a sign that something is wrong. For this, call a technician specialized in the area to analyze the reason for the automatic door malfunction. 

It is worth mentioning: in addition to the daily maintenance carried out by you, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance every six months by a trained professional. It will point out all the problems that need to be resolved for the automatic door to last longer.

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