Top 11 Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023

Many homeowners want updated, innovative, and tech-driven bathroom decorating ideas, such as adding a smart mirror. They see the benefit of investing time and effort to enhance their bathroom fixtures and fitting like bathtubs, showers, mirrors, sinks, vanities, and other accessories. Aside from the aesthetic elements of bathroom design, homeowners also focus on promoting wellness and sustainability for their homes.

Homeowners must replace a rusty bathroom mirror and a broken sink with new quality items. Doing so can help in avoiding accidents and costly expenses in the future. Despite the availability of many fixtures in the market, it is still essential to consider their functionality and longevity.

The latest technology and devices are some of the hottest bathroom trends, as many clients are most excited about bathroom temperature and humidity control technology. Aside from this, many homeowners are considering adding LED bathroom mirrors and automatic shower tub lighting controls. The superior choice for many homeowners regarding bathroom lighting controls is dimmer switches, motion sensors, and voice-activated controls that make the bathroom experience more convenient in the long term.

Glossy and mirrored surfaces are also currently trending in bathroom design. This type of surface can be helpful for small rooms to create the illusion of space. Mirrored surfaces can help in visually increasing the size of small rooms. 

Another current bathroom trend that homeowners are considering is adding metallic accents. Softened metallics like champagne and brushed gold can warmly contrast the stark and tiled bathroom space. Those who cannot decide on only one metallic finish can opt for mixed metallics for their bathroom space.

For bathroom renovations, many homeowners are considering the current bathroom trends for ideas and inspiration that can significantly help as they improve their bathroom space at home. It is essential to align various aspects of the bathroom fixtures and accessories to its overall theme for a cohesive and functional bathroom.

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