What is better, wall painting or wallpaper?

The walls of your home have the benefit of changing and transforming a space with the assistance of wall painting or wallpaper. A room can quickly be made delicate and airy with the utilization of light wall painting colors. While a room that feels too large can in time feel comfortable with darker wall paper with a striking example. There are upsides and downsides of utilizing wall painting or wall paper. Elements to consider are simplicity of utilization, cost, and flexibility to your space. Whichever you pick your walls will profit by the addition of wall painting or wall paper.

The Preparation

Wall paper: Removing existing wall paper can be a difficult task that requires persistence and the correct devices. Stripping wall paper should be possible with synthetics or stripping apparatuses, yet care must be taken or one could damage the wall. Consult a home improvement store for proper guidelines for your application.

Wall painting: If you are working on covering up a damaged wall, spackle the imperfections visible and give it at least 24 hours to dry Applying primer wall paint prior to wall painting over darker color wall paint will make your work a lot simpler. Wall painting requires significantly less preparation time than wall paper.


Wall paper: these are really durable and will hold up to mileage of kids, high foot traffic areas and many other such types of impacts can be easily scrubbed away. Since wallpaper is applied with a glue, high dampness in washrooms and kitchens may make wall paper strip away from the wall.

Wall painting: Depending on the sheen or finish wall painting is a decent alternative for areas that need to have a reasonable and simple application. Semi gloss to gloss wall paintings are mostly durable and are generally saved for trim, outside doors, and so on. Satin, Eggshell and also the flat sheens are utilized on inside walls. When walls get damaged, scratched or hit, wall painting can chip and fix and repainting will be required to fix it.


Wallpaper and wall painting can go in cost from the low to the high of the cost range. Wallpaper averagely is progressively costly to buy, and the rolls, supplies and have it installed. Wall painting on normal is less expensive and requires not many supplies, and any armature can apply it easily.

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