Tips to make the best coffee at home

What could be better than having good coffee at any time of the day? You can find various ways to make a cup of quality coffee. The process largely depends on the customs of each coffee-making culture. However, it would help if you also considered the coffee maker used and personal tastes. It is clear that having a good coffee machine such as the Cf091 ninja coffee bar is an essential first step, but it is not the only thing to consider. Having a professional coffee making machine at home is a good choice. Why would you spent each time on a cup of coffee when you could make it at home?

Natural beans or the roasted

You will find different types of coffee in the market. Nevertheless, the most consumed around the world are two: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta includes a more significant amount of caffeine, is somewhat bitter, and offers a strong flavour. On the other hand, Arabica coffee beans have less amount of caffeine. This coffee bean offers a smoother coffee with nutty aromas.

Get the best beans

Coffee beans are indeed a delicate raw material. When it comes to grinding, it quickly loses its aroma and caffeine properties. The more it is processed, the more it loses its properties. It is the reason why you should grind the coffee beans at home, either with an automatic coffee machine or with a manual grinder. The coffee begins to release its aromas from the moment you ground it, thus losing flavor. It is advisable to buy the freshest coffee possible. 

Adjust the degree of grinding

Have you paid attention to the degree of coffee grinding? Yes, it is essential. With the proper grinding of the coffee beans, we facilitate the extraction of the infusion. It is a fact that the degree of the grinding setting can positively change the quality of the drink. It is enough to know that the longer the coffee spends in contact with water, the thicker the grain should be.

Pay attention to the water.

The other essential ingredient for making coffee is water, and you should not take it lightly. As the water is the base of the drink, you should use clear water. Tap water can ruin the taste since it has a smell of chlorine. It must be heated gradually so as not to affect the natural infusion process.

The cup matters

The choice of the coffee mugs is important. There are various types of coffee mugs in the market. We are talking about cups for espresso or black coffee since other drinks can better adapt to different containers and play with them. Porcelain mug is the ideal choice because it is a noble, resistant material and preserves heat better. The idea is to drink coffee in a glass or crystal coffee mug.

Serve the coffee now.

Do you want to spoil the good mood? If yes, then let the coffee cool and then heat it again until it smokes. We do not recommend that you do it. Furthermore, maximum freshness is essential. As soon as it cools, we will no longer be able to appreciate the coffee at its peak of aroma, body and flavour, and it will lose the cream.

Maintenance of the coffee bar

Many times the key behind a bad coffee bar is in the inadequate cleaning of the machine. At home, regardless of the coffee maker you have, you should never forget specific primary care. Like any other kitchen utensil, the coffee maker must be cleaned properly after using the appropriate products. Automatic machines will also require periodic cleaning and other specific care indicated by the manufacturers. At home, we can prepare the coffee as we like best.

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