8 Most Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes You Can Avoid If You Call The Pros

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We heavily rely on water in our daily lives. This is why an issue in our plumbing system can be really disruptive. In a bid to save money, many homeowners attempt to DIY their way to solve plumbing problems — only to know that this option is actually more costly, especially when not done right. Here are eight frequently made DIY plumbing mistakes that can be prevented with the help of a professional plumber Worthing.

Doing the repair without proper tools. To be really effective and efficient, a plumbing repair should be done with the proper tools — and skillset. If you use a wrong tool, or you perform a certain step incorrectly, it can make the problem worse and more expensive to repair.

Performing a plumbing job without spare parts. Apart from the tools themselves, anyone who performs a plumbing job should have a complete and appropriate set of spare parts as well. Failing to do so will result in a poorly done plumbing work — something that could even require a second round of disassembly/reassembly.

Failing to turn off the water. Though this is a basic thing to do, DIYers commonly make this mistake. If you don’t shut off the water, it can cause a nasty spray of water — which can be really daunting to clean up. Worse, a surprise indoor swimming pool can also cause water damage to other parts of your home.

Overusing the drain cleaner. The difference between a DIYer and a professional plumber Worthing is that the latter knows how to get the job done right the first time. In many cases, DIYers use too much drain cleaner just to fix a plumbing issue. This can severely damage water pipes.

Using mismatched pipes. For a plumbing system to work, pipes should be matched appropriately. If you end up mixing mismatched pipes, it can cause more leakage and corrosion. It takes certain knowledge and experience to know which pipe is suited to replace a broken one.

Overt-ightening connections. Flexing too much muscle and over-tightening plumbing connections aren’t the solution to a leaky pipe. Instead, they could be the very reason why your plumbing system can experience more leaks.

Not knowing how to assemble things back together. Disassembling pipe works and other plumbing-related fixtures is one thing. Putting them back together correctly is another. One of the common DIY mistakes homeowners commit is forgetting how to assemble things back together.

Doing unpermitted plumbing work. In case you’re not aware of it yet, some plumbing work requires permission from your local government. If you don’t want to break any code, it’s better to leave the repair work to the hands of the pro.

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