A guide to the auditorium seating arrangement

Auditoriums follow a fixed seating layout. The seating arrangement of Auditorium chairs [เก้าอี้ auditorium, which is the term in Thai] or a theatre is generally multiple-aisle or continental. These terms are commonly used in architectural manuals. The seating arrangement of an auditorium follows specific spacing, size and exit ways. A multiple-aisle seating arrangement of auditorium has 14-16 chairs in a row. The exit ways are at both ends of the row. It will have only one 7-8 chairs if it has one exit way.

A continental seating arrangement of an auditorium has a central section. The limit for chairs in a row exceeds in comparison to multiple-aisle arrangement. It has wider spacing, aisles and exit doors are also located strategically. A continental seating arrangement can accommodate more chairs if planned carefully.

Different forms of auditorium seating

  • End stage: This type of auditorium are suitable for presentations, film, or lectures. This type of auditorium can fit comfortably in rectangular spaces. However, this type of seating arrangement does not offer close relationship between the spectators and the performer.
  • Wide fan: A wide fan auditorium seating arrangement offers a limit of 130 degrees from the focus point. The focal point brings the spectators and the performer close. The performing area must be deep to minimize distortion of images on a presentation slide.
  • ¾ arena: This is another form of auditorium seating arrangement. This type of seating arrangement enhances the visual and hearing contact between performers and spectators.

Seat widths in an auditorium seating

The comfort of the spectators’ seating depends solely on the width of the chair. The general spacing ranges from 18 to 24. However, in some cases the sizing may even fall out of the specified range. Seat widths are important while planning the layout as it helps to estimate the potential number of seats that can be accommodated in the available space.

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