How to Look After Synthetic Grass Lawns – Care and Maintenance Tips

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Synthetic Grass lawns can be a boon for homeowners or property owners who lack either the time or energy, or both, to look after their lawns and yet – would like to keep it pristine. These have none of the problems experienced with natural grass lawns that are time and effort consuming to maintain, with cutting, weeding, mowing, watering etc. And yet, some maintenance of Newcastle synthetic grass lawns is needed after all, to maintain the beauty of the same. Here are some effective synthetic grass lawn care and maintenance tips that will help you.

Remove dust and debris

Ensure that debris and large particles are removed consistently from the surface of the synthetic grass turf, so that its appearance can be maintained easily. You have to remove all kinds of small objects such as twigs, leaves etc that often find way into the lawns and get stuck in between artificial turf blades. You can remove the debris manually, which can be enough to ensure healthy and natural looking Newcastle synthetic grass blades.

Wash the lawn

You can find the debris and dust, as well as other things, getting cleaned up easily when it rains. However, there are long periods of time when it does not rain. During those periods, you need to use a hose to clean off debris from Newcastle synthetic grass lawns with ease.

Brush the blades

At times, you can find that the grass blades are not standing up straight. This could be due to high foot traffic – as is common after a get-together or party occasion at home. In such cases, you may use a brush with hard bristles. With the help of these strong brushes, you can make the blades upright again. Make the blades upright by brushing them from one side to another.

Remove toxic liquids

Ensure that the synthetic grass is not exposed to harmful liquids, such as:

  • Acids
  • Oil
  • Grease

These can be bad for the composition of the synthetic grass. Upon exposure to the turf, these can change the color and tint of the same. In case the turf surface has small amount of dirt and stains, you can clean off the stains with the help of basic household cleaners.

With these simple but effective methods, you can easily preserve the appearance of your Newcastle synthetic grass lawns and make them last for a long time to come.

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