Why Isn’t It a Good Idea to Remove Wasp Nest Without Professional Exterminator Help

The increase in the presence of wasps in your backyard and home can be quite alarming. One needs to pay close attention to these buzzing insects. There are different varieties of wasps. Some thrive in colonies while some are solitary. Some of them are parasitic. Regardless of the variety of wasps, wasp infestations have to be handled very carefully.

Take professional help:

Hiring a professional terminator is the best way to get rid of wasp infestations. They possess the right tools and insecticides to eliminate wasps. If you are looking for reliable extermination services in Manchester, get in touch with Pest Control Manchester. They are one of the top extermination services offering long-term solutions to pest infestations.

Their team pays a home visit and does a thorough investigation before starting the extermination work. Avoid being carried away after reading the DIY infestation tips you find online. If you attempt to sort it out on your own, it results in dire consequences.

What happens when you attempt to remove the wasp nest by yourself?

The following common DIY tips that online sources swear by poses extra problems in real rather than mitigating the issue:

  • Burning: This is ineffective and worse – dangerous. Their nests are made of thin wood pulp, highly flammable papery material. Trying to burn the nest could result in your property catching fire whilst leaving the wasps unharmed. The wasps would be provoked and attack you.
  • Pouring water: Pouring water over the nest is equally ineffective as burning it. The water isn’t going to force the wasps out of the house. The wasps would get agitated and attack you and the bystanders. You also risk causing water damage to your property.
  • Baseball bat: Surprised? We are too! Surprisingly many online sources suggest using a baseball bat to destroy wasp nests which is far from effective. For starters, it puts us near the nest making it convenient for the host of wasps to attack us. Even before you strike a hit, the bees are likely to feel threatened and will start attacking you.

Wasps are aggressive and territorial. When they are provoked they will sound their alarm to other wasps. Unlike bees, wasps don’t stop with just one sting. Bees leave behind their stinger after stinging someone while wasps sting us over and over again when it remains still if you see a wasp approaching you. 

In case a wasp attacks you, avoid swinging your arms or trying to swat them which only makes the wasps more aggressive. Cover your face and run in a straight line if you have to. Dispose of foods and empty soda cans after use. If you leave your sugary drinks unattended, it is likely to attract wasps. Keep your premises tidy, avoid strong scents and look out for wasp activity before indulging in gardening.

Avoid risking a wasp attack. It is challenging to get rid of wasps after they enter your premises. Hiring the help of wasp pest control services is the best course of action. 

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